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The chronicle of two intrepid friends venturing into the dangerous waters of bad film making.

Sound the trumpets! We have returned!

Hatman: That’s right! Not only do we come back and bring you a new review but we even add two whole new pages and kick off a new feature for the blog.

*Triumphant fanfares play*

Hatman: Our new pages are our Hybrid Theory page, dedicated to creature mashups and our Chumming The Waters page which is all things shark related. There are so many shark related movies out there that we are also starting our first (of many) Shark Month. So go on, have a gander. You know you want to!


Tentacles and Teeth. No this isn’t a hentai review. It’s Sharktopus!

Jenzubean: Hey Kids! Today we’re very excited to announce the start our first ever ‘SHARK MONTH’. And to answer some of the unspoken questions that just popped into your head? Yes! The list of seriously suckworthy shark movies out there is basically endless, so ‘SHARK MONTH’ will happen on a regular basis. No! We won’t be starting with Sharknado, because let’s face it, it’s been done.. Continue reading “Tentacles and Teeth. No this isn’t a hentai review. It’s Sharktopus!”

“Is it dead?”

Voice-over Guy: “Once there was a blog about terrible movies, run by two friends. Then… It died. They died. And so did everyone they ever knew!”

Hatman: “Whoa whoa whoa. Hang on a second! None of that’s true. Well… The part about there being a blog is true of course but we most certainly did not die and nor did the blog!”

Voice-over Guy: “Well I was just thinking that since it’s been so long since you posted…” Continue reading ““Is it dead?””

New pages and features.

Being a fairly new blog, there is still a lot of work to be done and many changes that will still be brought about  on this blog.

For this reason I have decided to let you all know about some of the new features and pages we have brought into being Continue reading “New pages and features.”

Not just fun and games.

So I felt I needed to write this post, just to clarify a few things. Namely some misconceptions or impressions people may have about us or why we are doing what we are doing and what the point of this blog truly is. Continue reading “Not just fun and games.”

Social Media – BEWARE


Hey Guys & Gals!

I just wanted to take a moment tell you about our brand-spanking-new Facebook Page.

Facebook is a social media platform that most people use today : whether it’s to keep in touch with family and friends from around the world, to see who from your high school class are having babies (or getting a divorce) or to show all your ‘friends’ what you had for dinner and when you went to the gym. Continue reading “Social Media – BEWARE”

“It’s a dinosaur footprint…”

Hatman: “This week we truly delved into the murky waters of bad film making by watching Poseidon Rex. The poster above and the trailer should pretty much give you an idea of what comes next.” Continue reading ““It’s a dinosaur footprint…””

Driving like a bat outta hell…

Hatman: “Today we bring you something that caused much debate between Jenzubean and myself namely, Drive Angry. Being a movie starring Nicholas Cage, you can be sure of one thing. It will either be fantastic, or down right disastrous. Nicholas Cage movies have no middle ground. Take a look.” Continue reading “Driving like a bat outta hell…”

“What the hell did I just watch?”

There are many defining moments in the making of any blog. The original concept. Deciding on a name. Creating the layout. The first post. Getting people to actually read it. Then there are moments like these. Jenzubean and I stumbled across a movie titled ‘Rubber’. Rubber is the story of a sentient killer tyre with telekinetic powers named Robert.  Continue reading ““What the hell did I just watch?””

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