Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Blog

The chronicle of two intrepid friends venturing into the dangerous waters of bad film making.


September 2016

Exploring the Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Blog

Voice-over Guy: “While not nearly as convoluted as the dark, dank passageways of their minds, you might be a bit lost when you first come to this wretched hive of scum and villainy (you must be cautious), so here we have provided you with a handy map of the blog. No there is no hidden treasure or anything, sorry to disappoint you.”

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The First Post

*Hatman wanders in aimlessly before spotting the readers*

Hatman: “Oh, um.. Hi… didn’t see you there… So you are probably wondering what this is all about aren’t you? Well I’ll let voice over guy explain. Voice-over guy, over to you.”

Voice-over guy: “Once upon a time, in a galaxy not as far away as you might expect, there were two friends named Hatman and Jenzubean. One day they were having a conversation when…”

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