*Hatman wanders in aimlessly before spotting the readers*

Hatman: “Oh, um.. Hi… didn’t see you there… So you are probably wondering what this is all about aren’t you? Well I’ll let voice over guy explain. Voice-over guy, over to you.”

Voice-over guy: “Once upon a time, in a galaxy not as far away as you might expect, there were two friends named Hatman and Jenzubean. One day they were having a conversation when…”

Jenzubean: *bursting into the post* HEY! You started without me?

Hatman: “Oh yeah, I was supposed to wait. Oh well you haven’t missed much. Voice-over Guy was about to tell everyone how this adventure of ours started.

Jenzubean: Thats my part! I’m posting it in the “Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Club – Origins” post on the ‘About’ page!

Hatman: “But he already started!”

Jenzubean: “Tough! That’s MY post you psychotic cowboy!”

Hatman: “Fine… Sorry Voice-over Guy. You heard the Fluffy bunny over there. I guess we’ll take it from here then.”

Voice-over Guy: “You guys suck!”

H&J: “Only if you ask nicely.”

*They watch as Voice-over Guy grumbles his way out of the post.*

Hatman: “Well that was awkward”

Jenzubean: “Yeah…..”

*Hatman turns back to the readers*

Hatman: “Well basically this blog is about Jenzubean and I watching bad movies. We hunt down some of the worst movies in history or just find the worst, low budget movies with sub-par effects and acting etc and have a good laugh about them. We call it “The Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Club”, catchy title I know, and here we blog about the movies and our experiences and thoughts regarding watching said films, hence the name “Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Blog”, yeah you see what I did there. I crack myself up sometimes.

*Jenzubean just rolls her eyes.*

Jenzubean: “So welcome, join us on the ‘Bad Side’ of film making. Straitjackets are on the left.”

Hatman: “Cave, lector!”

*Voice-over Guy peeks back into the post*

Voice-over Guy: “That’s Latin in case you aren’t sure what caves have to do with anything. It means “Reader beware!”

Hatman: “What he said.”