When the idea for a movie club showcasing the worst of the worst first came to us, I went online and snooped around a bit to get some ideas form other already well-established clubs. I needed to see if this could work.

The answer: yes, it can! Now, this gave me a boost equivalent to a triple espresso on an empty stomach, and with my right eye twitching I started making a check list. We obviously never even looked at the check list and just dove head first into our first ever club “meeting” and it was a raging success. I never found it again but these are a few of the pointers that I remember clearly, and if you think about it, it’s actually all that we needed…

1. Partners in….. Crime??

‘Yes, making most of these films available to the public should be considered a criminal act, but then again, most of the REALLY fun things in life usually are. Either that, or super expensive.’

Most important is the first step: find yourself a like-minded partner who wants to start a ‘Bad Movie Club’. You need to team up with someone who knows when a movie is either GOOD or BAD, and can laugh hysterically when the BAD hits the fan. It’s as simple, and as complicated as that.

2. So bad, it’s good!

“If a joke is so bad it makes you laugh, is it a good joke?”

So, secondly, determine what makes a movie good or bad and discuss this endlessly with your new partner. Is total concentration needed, or are you able to talk and/or laugh during the show without missing any of the “major plot points”? Is there enough bad acting, props and/or CG to make fun of? Also, search for (and ask other friends for suggestions) seriously bad movie lists online, send your partner ridiculous posters and previews any time of the day and night, and get into heated debates concerning the humongous dinosaur that just popped out of the ocean in that last clip you both watched.

3. Dressed not to impress

Here’s a picture of a bunny in a hoodie

One of the many great things of a club like this is the fact that it’s totally casual. And I’m not just talking about dress code. You don’t have to meet every week! You don’t have to be dressed snappily! You don’t have to be on your best behavior as to impress Martha and her cronies at the weekly Monday night 8pm SHARP book club, daintily nibbling on the corner of a gourmet cucumber sandwich, dressed in your Sunday best. Hells no! Meet when it suits you! We all have busy lives and geeks like us normally already have a load of geeky hobbies. Wear what you like! Hatman kicks off his shoes and then he’s ready to rumble (H: Only because we usually end up chilling on a bed which has a ‘no-shoes-on-the-bed’ rule and I like to put up my feet so I don’t have a choice *grumbles*), personally I go the comfy pajama route… the possibilities are endless. Get comfortable! Stretch out on that couch or bed (or as in my case, sit upright or you’ll pass out!) grab your favorite plush toy and let’s get this party started!

4. Munchies

What is a movie without movie food?

I use the term “food” loosely, because what we nibble on during the show is mostly junk. So, stock up on all your favorite junky food stuffs! From popcorn and soda onwards, the list is endless. Even if you are strictly the health food type, snacks are still snacks… Rice cakes and carrot sticks all around!

Creativity is always encouraged! If you ever get bored with the normal popcorn, chips, cookies and soda vibe, then maybe it’s time to think outside the box. How about getting foods that are themed according to the bad film you’re watching? I can’t think of any good examples right now, but I’m sure you guys will make me proud. (Please leave a comment of any ideas you might have!)

Me and Hatman are still getting into this whole thing, but I’ll say this: Haribo Jelly Teddies and Coke Bottles (H: *Ahem* Haribo Goldbären and Happy Cola) are a winner! Especially when one of the teddies comes out with half of his body flat and thin, making it look suspiciously like a beaver…

5. Good, clean FUN!

What it all comes down to is having fun!

If bad movies aren’t your thing, I wouldn’t suggest starting a club such as this, but if it is, then you’re in for a treat!

Somewhere along the line you will stumble over that thin line from ‘bad-but-still-funny’ to ‘so-bad-I-want-to-claw-my-eyes-out-and-stuff-them-in-my-ears’, and this is where the partnership comes into play. Some movies are just so bad that you might need some convincing (or even a little cheering on) to make it to the end.

*Hatman casually strolls across the post whistling ‘Chariots of Fire’*

So, start small and go crazy. If you want to expand your club registry after a while, make sure your screening process is legit as to sift through all the flakes (these are your friends, you should know these things!) get people who are completely in sync with the founding members and who know what to expect… be it movies so bad that it feels like you’re chewing on wool, active discussions and loud mocking laughter during the film or anything else you wouldn’t experience (or aren’t allowed to do!) at the cinema during the latest Marvel movie. In this game, anything goes.