So I felt I needed to write this post, just to clarify a few things. Namely some misconceptions or impressions people may have about us or why we are doing what we are doing and what the point of this blog truly is.

Firstly, we do not only watch bad movies. We love movies. We love good movies and we watch many other movies and we have our own fandoms. I for example am one of the biggest Star Wars geeks you could ever hope to meet.

Secondly, as much fun as we have laughing about these movies or being horrified by how bad they were, this blog is not about slamming and insulting movies. Instead it is in fact a celebration of the films many people would never watch.

So why do we do this? Apart from being fun as previously mentioned, this also lets us have a greater appreciation for the good films out there. Movies that many other might mercilessly rip to shreds we might stand up for because we know what a bad movie really is!

Jenzubean and I joke about the fact that I have been ‘educating’ her when it comes to films as I have been amazed to find out some of the amazing movies throughout history that she has not seen and I have introduced her to many movies and even film series. (Remember the Chewbacca plushie mentioned in the Drive Angry post? She hadn’t seen Star Wars until I brow beat her into it earlier this year. Now she has what can almost be called and obsession with Wookies.)

Yesterday while chatting she said to me that a few months ago she may have watched Drive Angry and her a reaction best encapsulated in the single syllable of ‘Meh’ and not thought about it any further. Now she will rant vehemently about it.

Why? Did I make her do so? No. Instead it is because she looks at films very differently now and like me sees how often a movie could have been great but something as simple as bad CG, sloppy dialogue or substandard acting can turn a potentially amazing movie into Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Club gold.

Our love for film will never fade and even through the rants and humour of this blog we salute film makers, even the bad ones and encourage them to carry on doing what they do and we will continue enjoying both the good and the bad the film industry has to offer.