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December 2016

Sound the trumpets! We have returned!

Hatman: That’s right! Not only do we come back and bring you a new review but we even add two whole new pages and kick off a new feature for the blog.

*Triumphant fanfares play*

Hatman: Our new pages are our Hybrid Theory page, dedicated to creature mashups and our Chumming The Waters page which is all things shark related. There are so many shark related movies out there that we are also starting our first (of many) Shark Month. So go on, have a gander. You know you want to!


Tentacles and Teeth. No this isn’t a hentai review. It’s Sharktopus!

Jenzubean: Hey Kids! Today we’re very excited to announce the start our first ever ‘SHARK MONTH’. And to answer some of the unspoken questions that just popped into your head? Yes! The list of seriously suckworthy shark movies out there is basically endless, so ‘SHARK MONTH’ will happen on a regular basis. No! We won’t be starting with Sharknado, because let’s face it, it’s been done.. Continue reading “Tentacles and Teeth. No this isn’t a hentai review. It’s Sharktopus!”

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