Jenzubean: “Okay, so it started like this …”


H : *sends funny pictures*

J : Hahahaha! *promptly sends said funny pictures to another friend*

Other friend : *Retaliates with the MOST RANDOM movie poster EVER*


J : *who knows gold when she sees it, sends Mega Piranha to H..*

H : “LMAO! Oh my God, you know what we should do…? We should totally start a ‘Bad Movie Club’ and then blog about it!”


Jenzubean: “And a week later, here I am, winging it.”

*Hatman ninja-ropes into the post all Mission impossible style*

Hatman: “Lies! I used my Jedi like mind tricks and my innate charm to convince her to…”

*Jenzubean lovingly puts her foot on his back and kicks him “This… Is… SPARTA!” style out of the post*

Jenzubean: “MY soapbox!”

*Regains her composure*

Jenzubean: “Where was I? Oh yeah… On this blog, we will not only watch and review the worst movies we can possibly get our greedy little hands on, but also chronicle our personal experience leading up to, during and after the fact. Our main goal is to watch horrible films, hopefully laugh our faces off and then tell you guys all about it. Then you can make up your own mind if you want to subject yourself to it as well. However, we take no responsibility if any brain melting should occur, so consider yourself warned.”