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The chronicle of two intrepid friends venturing into the dangerous waters of bad film making.

“When GM foods go bad…”

Hatman: “Today we present you with the movie that started this all namely MEGAPIRANHA! If you haven’t read the Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Club (or you want to read it again for some reason) you can do so here. We were very excited to track it down and we were not disappointed. Disturbed maybe but not disappointed. Have a look at the trailer below.” Continue reading ““When GM foods go bad…””


Well I’ll be Dammed. It’s Zombeavers!

Voice-over Guy: First… There was nothing but then…. There was a post! The first review by the Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Club. Now please, take your pills and put your hands together for Hatman and Jenzubean as they bring you… Zombeavers!

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The Cringe-o-Meter – What does it mean?

So… You might be asking “Why would anyone willingly put themselves through this level of agonizingly bad… everything?” and that is a good question.

The simplest answer is “As a public service.” That’s right, this blog is entirely an altruistic endeavour and by no means merely a load of fun. To that end we will employ the use of a Cringe-o-Meter. Continue reading “The Cringe-o-Meter – What does it mean?”

Starting a ‘Bad Movie Club’ : The Guideblog

When the idea for a movie club showcasing the worst of the worst first came to us, I went online and snooped around a bit to get some ideas form other already well-established clubs. I needed to see if this could work.

The answer: yes, it can! Now, this gave me a boost equivalent to a triple espresso on an empty stomach, and with my right eye twitching I started making a check list. We obviously never even looked at the check list and just dove head first into our first ever club “meeting” and it was a raging success. I never found it again but these are a few of the pointers that I remember clearly, and if you think about it, it’s actually all that we needed… Continue reading “Starting a ‘Bad Movie Club’ : The Guideblog”

Exploring the Attack of the Killer B-movies of Doom Blog

Voice-over Guy: “While not nearly as convoluted as the dark, dank passageways of their minds, you might be a bit lost when you first come to this wretched hive of scum and villainy (you must be cautious), so here we have provided you with a handy map of the blog. No there is no hidden treasure or anything, sorry to disappoint you.”

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The First Post

*Hatman wanders in aimlessly before spotting the readers*

Hatman: “Oh, um.. Hi… didn’t see you there… So you are probably wondering what this is all about aren’t you? Well I’ll let voice over guy explain. Voice-over guy, over to you.”

Voice-over guy: “Once upon a time, in a galaxy not as far away as you might expect, there were two friends named Hatman and Jenzubean. One day they were having a conversation when…”

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